22 October 2010


Luminus’ LEDs power brightest spot lights from Strong Entertainment Lighting

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which develops and manufactures large-chip PhlatLight (photonic lattice) LEDs for illumination applications, says that its CBT-90 white LEDs are powering Strong Entertainment Lighting’s Solutions 650 and 900 spot lights, for use in light the world’s largest skyscrapers and towers, as well as antennas, amphitheaters and artwork displays. The Solutions 650 and 900 lights have a total light output of 20,000 lumens and a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The Solutions 650 and 900 lights are suited to indoor and outdoor environments where high brightness and performance is required. The Solutions 650 uses a proprietary optics system, giving a narrow 3º beam of light with a reach of more than 1500 feet. The Solutions 900 is a full-color-mixing fixture employing an array of PhlatLight LEDs and is claimed to be 4–5 times brighter than anything currently on the market.

“Our new Solutions products represent a unique application of LED technology that wouldn't be possible without the Luminus CBT-90,” says Strong Entertainment Lighting’s VP of lighting Paul Rabinovitz. “Together, Luminus Devices and Strong are developing next-generation narrow-beam LED-based light fixtures with very long throws previously achievable only by using the highest-performance lamps,” he adds.

“CBT-90 white LEDs provide lighting fixture manufacturers such as Strong Lighting with ultra-bright, white light with superior optical coupling and beam control, enabling more efficient next-generation lighting applications,” says Don McDaniel, Luminus Devices’ director, global entertainment. “Big-chip LEDs offer superior brightness over competitive products and can last the lifetime of the luminaire, eliminating the frequent lamp replacement of traditional spot lights.”

The Solutions 650 and 900 series lights powered by CBT-90 PhlatLight LEDs can be seen at this week’s LDI 2010 show in Las Vegas (22–24 October).

* On 15 October, Massachusetts Congresswoman Niki Tsongas met Luminus’ president & CEO Keith T.S. Ward and other members of the executive management team, toured the firm’s manufacturing facility and participated in a question & answer session with staff.

“For our company to sustain growth in the coming months it is important that Congresswoman Tsongas and other elected state and federal officials understand the significance of our business and how our products are used by many of the largest lighting and electronics companies in both the commercial and residential lighting industry,” stated Ward.

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