20 October 2010


Osram launches OSLON Black Series of LEDs, with metal lead frame for thermal stability

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany has added the OSLON Black Series to its OSLON family of LEDs. The first member of the new series has a metal lead frame, a compact package and a tried and tested lens design, and can be used wherever there are large fluctuations in temperature and a large amount of light is needed from a small area, such as in signal lights, interior lighting for refrigerators, and lighting for trains and planes.

The black molded package of the high-power LED ensures high stability, says Osram Opto. Not only does the thermal coefficient of expansion of the molding material precisely match the coefficient of expansion of the boards, but an ESD protective diode is concealed in the molding. Due to the high output efficiency in the black package there is no need for additional reflectors. The materials have been chosen so that even large fluctuations in temperature do not have an adverse effect on reliability or on the life of the LED (about 50,000 hours). Another benefit of the OSLON Black Series is its low thermal resistance of 6.5K/W, which again is due mainly to the metal lead frame.

Like other OSLON LEDs, the Black Series has a lens with a 90° beam angle and produces a typical brightness of 115lm at an operating current of 350mA and a color temperature of 6500K. By increasing the operating current to 1A, it achieves a brightness of 250lm. The LED uses a 1mm2 chip and is available in all colors including warm white. As is usual with Osram, the OSLON Black Series solder pad is compatible with the other LEDs in the product family.

Osram is showcasing the OSLON Black Series at the electronica event in Munich, Germany (9–12 November).

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