30 October 2010


RASIRC wins TechAmerica High Tech Award

Ultrapure steam purification firm RASIRC of San Diego, CA, USA has been selected as a winner in the Semiconductors, Industrial and Analytical Instrumentation category of the 2010 TechAmerica High Tech Awards. RASIRC's ultra high purity steam generation and delivery technology was recognized for its innovation and market potential.

"We are pleased to be recognized by TechAmerica for both innovation and market credibility," said Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC president. "We have developed the first commercially accepted steam purification technology, which is used to improve solar cell efficiency, semiconductor line width shrinks, and carbon nanotube structures. Our steamers, humidifiers and humidification systems incorporate patented processes for water vapor control, delivery and purification. With triple digit CAGR over the last 5 years, we believe the market has spoken positively about our products."

"The strength of applications TechAmerica received this year made for a solid competition, and selecting winners was no small feat," said Kevin Carroll, executive director for TechAmerica San Diego. "RASIRC is being honored in the Semiconductors, Industrial and Analytical Instrumentation category not only for its innovative contributions, but because we believe its steam purification technology exemplifies key development in the technology industry."

RASIRC technology delivers ultra high purity water vapor to manufacturing processes at a wide range of flow rates from micrograms to kilograms per minute. Steam is created from de-ionized water, which says the firm eliminates explosive and expensive hydrogen and oxygen, delivering high purity water vapor at a lower cost than other technologies presently in use.

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