26 October 2010


SolFocus and Vision Electro Mechanical Company to build commercial solar power plant in Saudi Arabia

SolFocus Inc of Mountain View, CA, USA says that Vision Electro Mechanical Company, a subsidiary of Construction Products Holding Company (CPC), is to build Saudi Arabia’s first commercial solar power plant using SolFocus CPV systems. Located in the Bahra region, the project will deliver around 300MWh of clean energy per year and is the first in a series of Saudi power stations planned by Vision.

“The high sun conditions of the Middle East provide an ideal environment for reaping large-scale, low-cost solar energy from CPV systems,” said Mark Crowley, chief executive officer, SolFocus. “Together with our partners at Vision, SolFocus will bring the world’s most efficient and resource-friendly solar technology to Saudi Arabia, providing energy diversification for the country.”

“We accomplished this partnership in line with Saudi’s efforts to promote investment in renewable energy projects and serve power projects in the Gulf and the wider Arabian region,” said Hassan Chahine, general manager, Vision. “This is a breakthrough in Saudi Arabia’s thrust for energy diversification. We believe the Bahra plant will serve as a model for the further research and study of clean water and power solutions that diversify the region’s energy mix.”

Vision will market and install the SolFocus systems, starting with this plant in CPC’s Bahra industrial complex. Furthermore, Vision will install other solar power stations in Saudi Arabia, as well as in the research centers of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

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