18 October 2010


Gas-analyzer manufacturer Tiger Optics adds eight distributors in Europe and USA

To keep pace with soaring demand, Tiger Optics LLC of Warrington, PA, USA has announced new partnerships with eight distributors in Europe and the USA to facilitate sales and support of its laser-based trace gas analyzers, expanding its global reach and enhancing its ability to serve customers.

“Our newest distributors deliver solutions for critical applications ranging from industrial process control to ambient molecular contamination monitoring,” says founder & CEO Lisa Bergson. “By partnering with Bernt Messtechnik GmbH [in Germany], S.E.C. Scientific Equipment Co Ltd [in Israel], A&LCO Industries [in Italy], APT [in Italy], SPA [in Poland], OmniProcess AB [in Sweden], Instrumentación Analítica [in Spain] and Flowmaster [in Louisiana, USA], we are well positioned to support our customer’s gas analysis and cleanroom monitoring needs,” she adds.

Tiger Optics introduced the world's first commercial ‘continuous-wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy’ (CW CRDS) analyzer in 2001. Today, more than 800 robust Tiger units are deployed in demanding environments including semiconductor fabrication plants, gas manufacturers, chemical companies, and metrology institutes. Returning customers account for more than 65% of sales.

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