23 September 2010


Accel-RF agrees CRADA with AFRL for reliability test-method improvement

Accel-RF Corp of San Diego, CA, USA, which produces turn-key RF reliability and performance characterization test systems for compound semiconductors, has signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Aerospace Components and Subsystems Division of the Sensors Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RYD) relating to compound semiconductor reliability measurement expansion.

The agreement enables technology transfer between Accel-RF and the AFRL for device and component reliability test-method improvement on a broad range of technologies including wide-bandgap semiconductors.

“AFRL continues to be a strong advocate for increased quantity and environmentally meaningful test data. This agreement allows a collaborative interaction between our technical staff and AFRL personnel to push forward development of state-of-the-art reliability and performance-degradation testing of semiconductor technologies used in advanced system applications,” says Accel-RF’s president & co-founder Roland Shaw. “Reliability testing of state-of-the art technologies is difficult enough, but reliability testing of a significant sample size of discrete devices or MMICs at dc through V-band and at controlled channel-temperatures for thousands of hours, compounds the problem exponentially,” he adds.

“We anticipate that sharing our mutual expertise and resources will accelerate the collection of device data and improve the technology diversity of the test samples,” continues Shaw. “The primary goal is to increase confidence levels of long-term reliability on a wide range of semiconductor technology as quickly as possible.”

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