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8 September 2010


Samsung's Epic 4G smartphone using Anadigics PA for mobile WiMAX

Broadband wireless and wireline communications component maker Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA says that its AWT6264 power amplifier is driving WiMAX connectivity in Samsung's recently released Epic 4G handset.

Introduced this year, the Epic 4G smartphone, offered by Sprint and part of Samsung's Galaxy S series, is running Google's Android operating system and is enabled for mobile WiMAX services. It is also the first WiMAX-enabled smartphone for the North American consumer market featuring Anadigics power amplifiers (PAs).

The AWT6264 PA is a small 4mm x 4mm x 1mm device that delivers high output power, linearity and efficiency for high-data-rate worldwide mobile WiMAX coverage of the 2.3–2.7GHz spectrum. Specific features of the AWT6264 include: delivering +25dBm linear output power (meeting WiMAX spectrum mask), contributing typically 2.5% EVM, providing 32dB of RF gain, and operating with typical power-added efficiency of 24%. With an integrated step attenuator and featuring fully matched RF ports, it supports faster product development cycles and requires less PC board space than other, more discrete solutions, it is claimed. The PA supports 4G wireless connectivity devices, including smartphones, mobile internet devices, netbook/notebook PCs, and PC cards/USB dongles.

"We have a valued, long-standing relationship with Samsung in providing solutions across a broad range of wireless and 3G standards," says Anadigics' VP, worldwide sales Michael Canonico. "With the introduction of the Epic smartphone, our AWT6264 product is now playing a key role in bringing 4G features to end users as well," he adds.   

According to Samsung, its Epic 4G is part of a new breed of smartphones that offer the best in screen, speed and content quality, while also providing fully integrated multimedia, messaging and social networking. It also features an very thin smartphone design with a slide out, full QWERTY keyboard and 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display.

"We are very pleased to receive feedback from Samsung that our AWT6264 PA meets and exceeds their requirement for optimizing the performance of the Epic 4G," says Anadigics' president & CEO Mario Rivas.  

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