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10 September 2010


HB-LED makers boost Oxford Instruments Austin Scientific to record order month

Austin Scientific of Austin, TX, USA, which is a subsidiary of UK-based Oxford Instruments (which also owns etch and deposition equipment maker Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology), has secured an order for 56 helium compressor systems with a total value of $1.111m.

The firm says that the product is a unique application that has significant implications in the high-brightness light-emitting diode (HB-LED) market, using helium gas as a heat-exchange medium in high-temperature processes.  

Austin Scientific has also secured a further significant order with a major HB-LED maker for 17 cryopump systems with a total value $205,000. The two orders collectively have contributed to the business hitting its highest order month in its 10 year history as part of the Oxford Instruments Group.

“HB-LEDs will undoubtedly play a huge role in protecting our environment in the future, and I am delighted that our products have been chosen to support this growing market,“ says Austin Scientific’s general manager Donald Gordon.

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