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1 September 2010


CIS/CIGSSe PV maker Johanna renamed Bosch Solar CISTech

Johanna Solar Technology GmbH of Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany will become known as Bosch Solar CISTech GmbH when the firm's new name is entered into the Commercial Registry on 1 September, largely completing its integration into the Solar Energy Division of Bosch Group.

Johanna Solar was founded in 2005 by IFE Solar Systeme GmbH of Oldenburg, Germany. In August 2005, it licensed thin-film technology based on copper, indium, gallium, sulfur and selenium (CIS/CIGSSe) from Photovoltaic Technology Intellectual Property Ltd (PTIP), a spin-off of South Africa’s University of Johannesburg, where it had been developed over a period of 13 years by professor Vivan Alberts and his team. In November 2008, Johanna Solar started production using its thin-film photovoltaic modules, which is based on p-type CIGSSe absorbing layers on Mo-covered glass substrates.

The Bosch Group entered the photovoltaics industry in 2008 when it acquired the Erfurt-based ersol group (now known as Bosch Solar Energy AG), which makes silicon-based solar cells and thin-film solar cells based on silicon. It further expanded its photovoltaics operations in August 2009, after securing majority stakes in both Johanna Solar and Oldenburg-based aleo solar AG, which was formed in 2001 to manufacture silicon-based solar systems and modules and in 2006 acquired a 19% stake in Johanna Solar.

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