16 September 2010


Toyoda Gosei and Epistar sign LED-related patent cross-license agreement

Japanese LED chip maker Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd and Taiwan's largest LED chipmaker Epistar Corp have signed a cross-license agreement allowing the firms (and their subsidiaries) to use each other’s patents for specific technologies in Group III-V LEDs, including InGaN-based (blue and green) LEDs and red AlGaInP-based (red and orange) LEDs.

Epistar holds patents for high-brightness AlGaInP LEDs and high-power InGaN LEDs, and Toyoda Gosei likewise owns patents for InGaN LEDs. Epistar and Toyoda Gosei says they have agreed to “construct an environment wherein they will respect and mutually utilize each other’s technologies in order to further advance the market for LED products.”

The agreement aims to allow both Epistar and Toyoda Gosei more freedom in their development efforts by eliminating the need for concern about each other’s patents. By facilitating research at both firms, new developments in LED technology are expected, including accelerating research to improve the luminosity of LEDs.

Toyoda Gosei and Epistar says that they intend to “maintain a friendly business relationship and pursue the development of superior high-luminosity LEDs and further expansion of the LED market through fair competition.”

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