20 September 2010


Finisar expands WaveShaper family of programmable optical processors with Flexgrid operation and programmable channel selector

Fiber-optic communications component and subsystem maker Finisar Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA is launching new members of its WaveShaper family of programmable optical processors, including the WaveManager Application Suite and the WaveShaper 100S Channel Selector, involving demonstrations of the products at this week’s 36th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC 2010) in Turin, Italy (20–22 September).

The new WaveManager Application Suite enhances the WaveShaper family by providing additional functional capabilities, including:

  • an improved user interface with support for both Windows and Linux systems;
  • a user-accessible API for integration into advanced test systems;
  • enhanced control of WaveShaper filtering functions; and
  • support for Flexgrid operation of the WaveShaper 4000S and 4000M.

Launched earlier this month, Flexgrid is an advanced feature of Finisar’s range of wavelength selective switches (WSS) that enables dynamic control of channel center frequency and channel bandwidth within a WSS, from 50GHz to 200GHz in 12.5GHz steps, with no penalty on performance. Flexgrid aims to address carrier demand for flexible bandwidth-capable reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs) in next-generation networks.

The new WaveShaper 100S Channel Selector is a fully programmable, DWDM channel selector, designed for production test applications, that offers user-selectable flat-top and Gaussian filter shapes. The filter bandwidth is programmable from 25GHz up to 200GHz with center frequencies programmable in 1GHz increments over the entire C- or L-band.

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