21 September 2010


JDSU delivers 1 millionth pump laser

Optoelectronic chip and module maker JDSU of Milpitas, CA, USA says that telecoms infrastructure provider ADVA Optical Networking is the recipient of its 1 millionth 980nm pump laser. The milestone establishes JDSU as the leading pump laser supplier for more than a decade, the firm claims.

Pump lasers are used to power erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), regenerating weakened network signals traveling long distances over optical networks. JDSU says that service providers are deploying optical networks with flexible infrastructures that can meet increasing consumer demand for the voice, video and data applications that are driving higher internet traffic levels.

The firm’s latest pump laser, the SP platform, is designed to provide high performance to network equipment manufacturers in a reliable and low-cost package. The SP platform also operates at up to 660mW, more than four times the optical power output of the first pumps JDSU introduced more than a decade ago. This drastic increase in performance is needed to support increasing bandwidth demands, the firm stresses.

“ADVA Optical Networking has one of the most flexible and scalable optical transmission platforms in the industry,” says ADVA’s chief technology officer Christoph Glingener. “Unlike most other system vendors, we design and manufacture our own modules, delivering leading-edge performance for backhaul, metro core and long-haul networks. JDSU has been a key optical components supplier to ADVA Optical Networking over the past decade,” he adds.

“JDSU is shipping high-power 980nm pump lasers at an all-time record pace, while rapidly ramping our SP platform to meet customer demands for more bandwidth,” says Toby Strite, marketing director for Transport Components at JDSU.

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