10 September 2010


Kopin wins $750,000 SBIR award to develop AlInN HEMT materials

Kopin Corp of Taunton, MA, USA, which makes III-V heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) epiwafers and CyberDisplay LCDs, has received a $750,000 two-year Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract through the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) for the development of aluminum indium nitride-based high-electron-mobility transistors (AlInN HEMTs). The award aims to leverage the firm’s capability in Group III-nitrides to enhance the performance and manufacturability of AlInN materials.

“This SBIR program by MDA validates the potential of the AlInN material system for high-performance electronic devices,” says president & CEO Dr John C.C. Fan. “Our long-term objective is to commercialize AlInN-based electronic materials, which parallels our highly successful GaAs HBT wafer business. It is part of Kopin’s strategy to leverage our expertise in III-V materials and nanoengineering to offer technology-differentiated solutions to our customers,” he adds.

“The AlInN material system has shown great promise to extend the power and frequency capability of GaN-based HEMTs, but it is a challenging material to produce,” comments VP of technology Dr Wayne Johnson. “During the Phase I effort, we demonstrated encouraging results in AlInN/GaN heterostructures, including record-low sheet resistance. The goals of Phase II will involve optimization of the AlInN HEMT structures and fabrication of HEMT devices for X-band electronics applications in collaboration with leading-edge GaN foundries.”

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