29 September 2010


Lumileds boosts LUXEON Rebel color LED output and efficacy

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA says that it has increased the light output specifications and top performance bins for virtually every color of its LUXEON Rebel LED manufactured. In addition, significantly lower forward voltage for red and red-orange emitters results in very high-efficacy LEDs, which is critical as lighting engineers strive to reduce luminaire energy consumption says the firm.

“Demand for colored power LEDs continues to grow,” says Frank Harder, VP marketing LUXEON Product Lines. “Across the globe, applications for city beautification, architectural lighting, entertainment, traffic, and signaling, are increasingly in demand,” he adds. “Our position as a manufacturer of all colors allows us to support our customers with a portfolio that's efficient, delivers high light output, is extremely reliable, and is cost effective in lumens per Watt and lumens per dollar for a wide variety of solutions.”

Lumileds’ AlInGaP-based red and red-orange LUXEON Rebel LEDs now generate 40% more light and are 50% more efficient. The firm also claims that its blue LEDs have the best hot/cold factor, delivering superior in-application results and better lumens per Watt. Royal blue, which is often used in remote phosphor applications and is the base for white LEDs, typically delivers output of 875mW at a drive current of 700mA.

In addition to the standard color portfolio, Lumileds also offers its unique InGaN-based LUXEON Rebel PC Amber LED, which is claimed to have 4–5 times more light output than conventional AlInGaP LEDs and better thermal and color stability performance.

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