28 September 2010


M/A-COM Tech Asia launches 2.5–4GHz core chip with transmit and receive modes

M/A-COM Tech Asia (formerly Mimix Asia) of Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan has introduced a 2.5–4GHz gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) core chip consisting of integrated transmit/receive switches, a low noise amplifier (LNA), a 6-bit phase shifter, a 6-bit attenuator and a driver amplifier.

Suited to both military and weather phased-array radar applications and satellite communications systems, the XZ1001-BD features compensated on-chip gate bias and delivers 33dB transmit/receive gain, 20dBm transmit/receive P1dB, and 2.5dB receive noise figure.

“Our highly integrated S-band core chip is comparable to our X-band core chip, the XZ1002-BD [announced last week], only shifted down in frequency for 2.5–4GHz applications,” says senior director Peter J. Hales. “We are showcasing both of these core chips at European Microwave Week [this week in Paris, France] to demonstrate 2-chip phased-array radar solutions, which significantly reduce design time, save board space, increase reliability and lower overall costs,” he adds.

M/A-COM Tech Asia performs 100% on-wafer RF, DC and output power testing on the XZ1001-BD, as well as 100% visual inspection to MIL-STD-883 method 2010. The chip has surface passivation to protect and provide a rugged part with backside via holes and gold metallization to allow either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process.

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