8 September 2010


Nichia files provisional injunction actions against LED light-bulb seller

Japanese LED maker Nichia Corp has filed four provisional injunction actions in the Tokyo District Court alleging infringement of its patent by Tsannkuen Japan (Sankun Nihon Denki Kabushiki Kaisha).

Nichia believes that white LEDs used in certain LED light-bulb products of Tsannkuen Japan, sold by G.K. Seiyu and K.K. Yamada Denki, infringe its white LED patent numbers 3724498, 3995011, 4109297 and 4530094.

The patents concern technology combining a phosphor with a blue LED, as used in many white LED products.
Nichia stresses that it will take necessary measures to protect its intellectual property rights against any companies in any part of the world.

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