2 September 2010


Solar Semi Engineering acquires Edwards Chemical Management Europe

Solar and semiconductor start-up Solar Semi Engineering Ltd (SSE) has purchased the business and assets of Edwards Chemical Management Europe Ltd (CME) of Newhaven, Sussex, UK from vacuum and exhaust-abatement equipment maker Edwards Ltd of Crawley, UK.

Founded in 1967, CME employs about 30 people in the manufacturing of automated wet etch process & cleaning equipment, as well as chemical dosing systems, used mainly in the production of photovoltaic wafers for solar panels and in the semiconductor sector.

SSE is a new company founded by Tim Dodkin to provide wet process equipment to the solar and semiconductor manufacturing industries. Dodkin has more than three decades of experience in high-tech market development and international start ups, with a large majority of that time spent on complex wet process systems.

“SSE will continue to market the former CME products with the addition of those new products required for high-efficiency cells and semiconductor manufacturing,” says Dodkin.

“I am pleased that the CME business now has additional depth of experience behind it, and I feel sure it will prosper in this format in the years ahead,” comments Edwards’ CEO Mathew Taylor.

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