1 September 2010


Sunovia expands national sales network from 4 to 55 in last 6 months

Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc of Sarasota, FL, USA, which is commercializing solar technology as well as LED lighting products, has announced a major increase in its sales force due to the implementation of a new sales & marketing plan created by VP of global sales Jim Perkins.

Following his appointment in May, Perkins launched a national sales initiative with the goal of bringing on board the most experienced lighting sales representatives across the USA. About 55 established agencies have been signed, and Sunovia’s EvoLucia line of LED lighting products will be added to these companies' line cards and sold in their respective territories.

“The rapid increase in our sales force is the direct result of a recently implemented sales and marketing plan that targets experienced ‘feet on the street’ lighting agencies who have a history and reputation of selling quality products,” says Perkins. “Our bidding and closures have jumped substantially over the past few months, and I expect that to continue as the EvoLucia products gain additional recognition and acceptance from industry professionals,” he adds.

“The Veazey Group has been associated with Sunovia Energy since the beginning,” says Sunovia sales representative Tom Veazey. “Their Aimed Optics technology platform gives us the ability to increase the space between light poles while still maintaining good light levels and uniformity,” he adds. “Greater space between poles means fewer fixtures are required, reducing the overall cost of the project and giving us a significant advantage over our competitors.”

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