27 April 2011

Cree launches first water-resistant SMD LEDs in tall package for video screen market

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA claims that it has raised performance levels for high-brightness LEDs optimized for high-resolution indoor and outdoor video screens with two new water-resistant and higher-contrast high-brightness LEDs. The contrast offered by the LEDs extends the benefits of typical, black surface-mount LEDs used for high-definition, high-resolution LED screens and displays.

The Screen Master CLX6A-FKB delivers what is claimed to be industry-leading intensity and far-field pattern matching for high-resolution full-color displays in a small water-resistant package. Optimized for outdoor use with both IPX6 and IPX8 ratings, the PLCC6-type LED eliminates the need for a protective cover, reducing overall systems cost and delivering higher brightness. It is reckoned to be the industry’s first water-resistant, tall LED package, designed with dimensions that provide superior thermal performance and that make it easier for customers to assemble.

The Screen Master CLVBA-FKA is Cree’s first black-body RGB surface-mount LED, optimized to provide the highest contrast ratio for indoor video screens. It has matched red-green-blue (RGB) far-field patterns, delivering a consistent viewing experience across a wide range of viewing positions and color vibrancy.

“Two years ago, Cree introduced the first water-resistant surface-mount LED,” says Mike Watson, Cree’s senior director of marketing, LED components. “With the CLX6A, Cree demonstrates our leadership again by introducing the industry’s first water-resistant SMD LED in an easy-to-assemble, tall package.”

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