18 April 2011

US LED lighting market for broadcast, video & motion pictures to grow at 22.7% to 2017

US consumption of LED production light panel/fixtures, which are used in broadcast TV, professional videography and motion pictures/film applications, rose 17% in 2010 and is forecast to rise at an average annual growth rate of 22.7% during the 2010–2017 timeframe, according to the latest report by market research firm ElectroniCast Consultants.

LED lighting is well accepted by the broadcast TV, motion pictures and videography industry sectors for lighting effects and set lighting, mainly because of its flexibility. A single light source can generate a great variety of colors. Also, spurred by technical advances, continuous cost/performance improvements are driving the LED lighting fixture market from a niche-only solution to a general-use solution, notes ElectroniCast.

Another benefit, directly related to the use of lighting in studios and sets, is the consumption of less electrical power, not only because LEDs use less energy but also because less air conditioning is required (since heat generation by an LED bulb is negligible). Also, TV broadcasters and film studios are proud to publicize that they are good corporate citizens by incorporating LEDs in their operations, thereby embracing ‘green technology’.

“The process of producing video, television programming, and motion picture productions in the field is a challenge because of harsh environment, cramped spaces, limited lighting, and the wiring necessary to connect field production cameras to various devices,” says Stephen Montgomery, president of international business at ElectroniCast. “Innovation components now allow for construction of efficient, durable, quiet-running and lightweight LED light fixtures, which are essential in the field as well as controlled studio environments,” he adds.

ElectroniCast forecasts that the 12x12-inch (or larger) LED panel category will capture the lead in relative market share of consumption value, with the Circular/Ring/Fresnel fixture category (which includes fixtures with an outer diameter of 12-inches or larger) taking second place in market share. In terms of volume (number of units), the smaller-sized units will hold substantial market share during the forecast period. However, because of their relatively lower average selling price (ASP) compared to the larger-sized units, they have a smaller market share in terms of value.

In terms of value, US consumption of LED professional-use production light panels/fixtures for TV broadcast, motion picture/film and videographers (weddings, events, business promotions, etc) was led by the motion picture industry sector, with a market share of 60% in 2010.

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