23 April 2011

Sharp to commercialize first small- and medium-size LCD panels using InGaZnO

In collaboration with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co Ltd of Atsugi-city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan’s Sharp Corp has developed thin-film transistors using the oxide semiconductor InGaZnO (indium gallium zinc oxide, or IGZO) and aims to be first to commercialize small- and medium-size liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels using the material.

Strong demand for LCD panels used in small-form-factor devices such as smartphones and tablets is accompanied by an increased need for display quality, including high resolution and high picture quality, lighter weight and compact design, as well as high energy efficiency.

Sharp says that high-energy-performance LCD panels can be made possible by downsizing the transistor and by increasing the light transmittance for each pixel. In addition, the firm says that its unique Ultraviolet-induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment (UV2A) technology can achieve high display quality small- and medium- size LCD panels.

Also, the firm will use its eighth-generation glass substrates on its existing high-efficiency Kameyama Plant No.2 production line, which started operation in August 2006 and has been producing LCD panels for TVs. The plant will now also manufacture the new IGZO-based small- and medium-size LCD panels, starting by the end of this year.

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