20 December 2011

Cree launches first HB-LED optimized for elevated outdoor video screens

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has extended its high-brightness LED range with the commercial availability of the new Screen Master C4SMT and C4SMD 4mm LEDs.

The LEDs’ brightness and far-field pattern matching, combined with its packaging technology, can enable better viewing and achieve lower system and operating costs than previous generations of LEDs, says Cree.

The C4SMT and C4SMD are the two brightest LEDs in Cree’s high-brightness P2 oval LED family. The C4SMD offers the brightest performance at zero degree intensity and the C4SMT offers the brightest peak intensity performance at a -20 degree angle. Both LEDs are designed to maintain tight and consistent viewing across the entire viewing angle and far-field pattern of the LED, allowing for an even viewing experience for the end customer from different angles and viewing positions.

The C4SMT is claimed to be the first commercially available HB-LED with a tilted -20 degree viewing angle, optimized for outdoor video screens and digital billboards that are installed higher than the viewing audience. Designed to have its brightest point below the horizon, the C4SMT LED minimizes wasted light and can save up to 32% in power consumption compared to a standard through-hole oval LED with a zero degree viewing angle.

“Cree’s relentless focus on high-brightness LED innovation has produced the first IPX5-rated water-resistant SMD LEDs, the first IPX6/8-rated SMD LED optimized for ease-of-manufacturing, and now, the first angled LEDs, which can revolutionize the large-screen viewing experience,” claims Mike Watson, Cree, senior director of marketing, LED components.

Screen Master C4SMT and C4SMD HB-LEDs are commercially available now.

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