15 December 2011

Luminus introduces next-gen CBT-90 to replace 300W Xenon and 175W metal halide lamps

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA has launched its next generation CBT-90 white LED, which the firm says breaks new ground by providing equivalent system-level light output within specialty lighting applications, including medical and entertainment lighting, that formerly used 300W Xenon and 175W metal halide lamps.

Consisting of a single 3mm x 3mm chip mounted on a metal core PCB, the CBT-90 is now 25% brighter and capable of producing more than 2,200 lumens at its top end input current.

"The new CBT-90 performance has never been achieved before by an LED," said Chuck DeMilo, global director of product marketing for the Lighting Business Group at Luminus Devices. "The lumen density and brightness of the Luminus CBT-90 are unmatched in the marketplace, and are ideal for our customers working on exceptionally demanding specialty lighting applications. For example, our customers developing endoscopy light boxes, now for the first time, have an LED that produces system-level light intensity that rivals the gold standard for endoscopy -- the 300W Xenon lamp."

In entertainment lighting, spot and wash fixtures are converting from specialty high intensity discharge lamps such as 175W metal halide to the CBT-90, adds the firm.

"We expect the new generation CBT-90, featuring our industry leading Big Chip technology, will open new doors for the adoption of LEDs in some of the world's most challenging lighting applications that have been, until now, unable to reap the benefits of solid state lighting," DeMilo concluded.

Luminus is now accepting orders and shipping the new CBT-90 from stock.

Luminus’ Woburn facility goes green

Luminus Devices has entered into a contract with Constellation Energy to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match 100% of its electricity use at its Woburn, MA facility from October 2011 through October 2012.

The RECs supplied by Constellation Energy are Green-e Energy Certified and sourced from wind energy facilities located throughout the United States. Throughout the term of the contract, 100% of the electricity at Woburn will be matched with RECs.

"Our LED products are highly energy efficient, and this purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates improves the sustainability of our manufacturing processes. We are pleased to take advantage of this opportunity with our energy supplier." said Jim Gallo, facility manager at Luminus’ Woburn operation.

The Woburn facility’s annual electricity consumption for wafer fabrication is approximately 2,000,000 KWh. With the purchase of RECs, Luminus says it avoids 946 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

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