12 December 2011

Optogan partners with Ledison Patan to open Turkish sales hub for LED lamps and luminaires

After partnering with Ledison Patan Ltd (which has broad experience in interior and exterior LED lighting for hotels, hospitals, shipyards as well as for bridges and street lighting), European LED chip and luminaire maker Optogan says that more than 200 invited guests and members of the Turkish parliament attended the grand opening of its new sales office in Koceali, close to Izmit, Turkey.

Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2004 by Russian entrepreneurs and scientists from Ioffe Institute in St Petersburg, Optogan is a vertically integrated develoer and manufacturer of HB-LEDs for applications including solid-state lighting. In addition to having an R&D facility in Helsinki, since founding Optogan GmbH in Germany in 2005 it has established epitaxy and chip R&D plus a pilot line in Dortmund and, last year, its Fab1 chip fabrication plant in Landshut. Also, after founding CJSC Optogan in Russia in 2009, in 2010 it acquired an industrial facility in St Petersburg, where it has established LED component and luminaire production lines.

In September, as well as signing a pan-European distribution agreement with Germany’s Atlantic Elektronik GmbH, Optogan partnered with Bucharest-based KDF Energy for the distribution of its products in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria.

“For Turkey, we estimate a hundreds of millions Euro market for solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaries within the next two years,” says Ove Sörensen, senior director sales & business development at Optogan. “Turkey, being the bridge between Europe and Asia, is a key hub for Optogan,” he adds. “With its strong labour force, biggest GDP growth rate in Europe, and a continuously growing population (with currently over 73 million inhabitants), we expect especially strong growth in our retrofit lamps.”

In addition to the retrofit business, Optogan and Ledison will focus on market segments such as street lighting, canopy, shop lighting, and lighting for hotels and restaurants.

“LED lighting will become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century,” believes Ahmet Patan, general manager of both Ledison and parent firm Patan Ltd. “Therefore we plan to invest about 3.2m Euros for the year 2012 to create and develop the distribution network,” he adds.

Ledison Patan will distribute Optogan’s SSL LED lamps and luminaires not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East and North Africa. Further possible steps will be investigated such as siting final assembly lines for LED lamps and luminaires in Turkey.

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