27 December 2011

RFMD launches monolithic analog temperature-compensating attenuators

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA says that its new RFSA4013 and RFSA4023 are fully monolithic analog temperature-compensating attenuators (TCAs) with what is claimed to be exceptional linearity over their entire gain control range.

The TCAs are designed to offset the gain reduction of an RF component over temperature without the need for closed-loop feedback. Three customer-selectable temperature coefficients make the TCAs a flexible solution for RF lineups, says RFMD.

It is claimed that each attenuator incorporates new circuit architecture that solves a long-standing industry problem regarding attenuator architecture: high IP3, low DC current, and broad bandwidth. Traditional approaches for linear temperature-compensating devices require expensive co-fired ceramics with temperature-sensitive materials or current-hungry PIN diodes with elaborate area-consuming control circuits. The RFSA4013 and RFSA4023 require just a single supply voltage (5V for the RFSA4013 and 3.3V for the RFSA4023) and two logic bits to set the control attenuation slope versus temperature.

Each TCA draws a very low supply current of typically just 1mA and is packaged in a small 3mm x 3mm QFN. The attenuators are internally matched to 50Ω over their rated control range and frequency (50–4000MHz).

Applications include cellular/3G infrastructure; WiBro, WiMax and LTE; microwave radio; and high-linearity level control.

Pricing begins at $3.94 each for 100 pieces.

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