17 February 2011

Seoul Semiconductor launches Acriche A7 AC LED for lighting applications

After recently releasing two new white high-brightness LEDs according to its 2011 plan that aims to release new products every month, South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) has launched its new Acriche A7 AC-powered LED for lighting applications.

Acriche, which can operate under both AC and DC power supplies, is one of the flagship products of Seoul Semiconductor. It can be operated on common household AC voltages such as 110V/220V without a converter. SSC says that the new A7 version is smaller in size but significantly improved in terms of reliability and its ability to withstand electro-static discharge (ESD).

The A7 is a 3.2W LED (a popular choice for general illumination applications) that provides 305lm and is offered in an ultra-small (8mm x 8mm x 3.7mm) ceramic-circuit package. SSC claims that it it is very low in ‘cost per lumen’ compared with other lighting-class LED products, suiting commercial lighting products such as downlights, MR16, PAR30 and PAR38 replacement lamps.

Also, the A7 can last more than 40,000 hours and improves the lifespan of the end product because a converter is unnecessary. Traditionally, DC LED lamps have lasted about 10,000 hours because of the short lifespan of some of the components in the converter. However, since the Acriche does not require a converter, lamp makers can achieve cost savings while improving system efficiency and lifetime, says the firm.

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Visit: www.acriche.com/en

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