31 January 2011

Advanced Photonix to supply 40G HSOR to China OEM telecom systems provider

Advanced Photonix Inc (API) of Ann Arbor, MI, USA (which designs and makes silicon, InP- and GaAs-based photodetectors, subsystems and terahertz instrumentation for telecom, homeland security, military, medical and industrial markets) says that its subsidiary Picometrix LLC will supply its BR-40D 40Gb/s high-speed optical receiver (HSOR) for long-haul communications to a leading China OEM telecom systems provider.

This initial purchase commitment (to be delivered over the next 3 months) exceeds $625,000 and has the potential to bear significant additional revenue during the coming fiscal year, with follow-on commitments to purchase the 40Gb/s optical receivers, says the firm.

“This design win with a major OEM based in China, who is a key supplier to the rapidly growing BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India and China] markets, confirms that our efforts at penetrating the China OEM market are beginning to bear fruit and could provide significant future revenue,” believes Rob Risser, chief financial officer of API and general manager of Picometrix. “This design win is only one of several design wins with tier 1 OEMs based in China that were are pursuing,” he adds. “We anticipate additional design wins in both 100Gb/s and 40Gb/s products that will move to volume production status during the next fiscal year.”

Picometrix offers what is claimed to be the industry’s most complete line of 100Gb/s and 40Gb/s HSOR solutions for both client-side and line-side modulation formats, including NRZ, RZ, DPSK, DQPSK, ODB, DP-QPSK and DP-BPSK.

The new design win is for 40Gb/s long-haul communications in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems that use 40Gb/s DPSK (differential phase-shift keying) modulation. The receiver uses the firm’s patented photodiode arrays to limit timing skew, which is important for DPSK modulation schemes that are used in DWDM systems. DPSK modulation takes advantage of phase modulation to extend transmission distances with high tolerance to crosstalk, lowering cost for systems implementation and reducing power consumption.

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