7 January 2011

Pearl River lit by 700,000 LUXEON Rebel LEDs for Asia Games

Future Lighting Solutions of Montreal, Quebec, Canada (a division of Future Electronics), which provides LED components and support services for solid-state lighting products and installations (including engineering expertise, concept development, full system solutions and online tools), has announced the illumination of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China with 700,000 LUXEON Rebel LEDs made by Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA.

The city of Guangzhou recently completed a project to illuminate the banks of the Pearl River as part of their welcome ceremony for the Asian Games and to celebrate the convening of the Games in Guangzhou. The Guangzhou Municipal Government's open tender for the project called for an LED maker with reliable pre- and post-sales support, targeting a solution that could meet the requirements of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and sustainability for future development.

Roled Opto Electronics (Shanghai) Co Ltd won the tender, and was the main designer of the solution for the project, with support from Future Lighting Solutions. Deployment involved about 30,000 LED light fixtures and 700,000 LUXEON Rebel LEDs. China Construction Eighth Engineering Division (Guangzhou Subsidiary) was responsible for onsite installation.

LUXEON Rebel LEDs were selected based on their luminous flux, color temperature, color index and reliability. With the help of Future Lighting Solutions (FLS) and the use of its Usable Light Tool (ULT), LEDs best suited for the project were selected. Roled also made use of FLS’ QLED Thermal Simulation Software to optimize the heat dissipation system. With the support of FLS’ Lighting Resource Center (LRC) in Montreal, Canada and Shenzhen, China, Roled was also able to test and evaluate optical lenses, and deployed National Semiconductors’ LM3404HV buck regulator as part of their electrical solution. With assistance provided by FLS and its LRC, Roled selected suitable LED models and optical lenses, which were able to resolve a number of lighting issues related to lighting efficiency and light distribution.

Also, since Guangzhou Municipal Government expected to recover its investment within three years, the solution was based on LED light fixtures as the technology delivers more than 60% savings in energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions by 80%, greatly shortening the return-on-investment time. FLS also provided support in terms of price, availability and supply continuity, enabling Roled to complete the project according to schedule.

“During the Guangzhou Asian Games, images along the banks of the Pearl River that were broadcast captured the essence of the dazzling skyline,” says Wang Shiming, general manager at Roled Opto Electronics’ manufacturing division.

A two-week free trial of Future Lighting Solutions’ QLED Thermal Simulation Software is available online.

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