28 January 2011

Honda Soltec to boost CIGS PV module efficiency to 13%

Honda subsidiary Honda Soltec Co Ltd says that this year it will launch a new copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar module in which the performance of the photosensitive CIGS layer has been improved. This results in an increase of about 10% in module conversion efficiency compared with the current HEM130PCA model (from 11.6% to more than 13% for the new prototype), making it among the world’s most efficient CIGS-based thin-film solar cells, it is reckoned.

Also, the surface area of the surrounding frame and other non-photosensitive portions has been reduced. The more compact design than the current model (measuring 926mm x 738mm x 37mm, just two-thirds of the surface area of the current 1417mm x 791mm x 37mm model), as well as the lighter weight (8.7kg versus 14.3kg) therefore allows efficient installation of more thin-film solar cells in limited space on a wide range of roof shapes in a variety of locations. This results in more power generated from the same installed surface area.

Honda notes that it is working to improve the module conversion efficiency further while it brings the product to market.

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Visit: www.honda.co.jp/soltec

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