28 January 2011

InnoLas expands to supply laser systems for 300MW of thin-film PV production

Over the last few months, laser processing system maker InnoLas Systems GmbH of Krailling, Germany has won orders for the delivery of process equipment for thin-film photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing with a total annual production volume output of 300MW. Several customers worldwide have ordered IMPALA series machines focusing in particular on CIS (copper indium selenium) and CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) processing.

The IMPALA is a large-format laser processing system (with a panel size of up to 1600mm). Multi-laser operation and parallel processing ensure especially high-throughput using several tool heads. InnoLas says that innovative handling concepts and the option to apply through-the-glass processing minimize damage and soiling during the structuring process.

To ensure that its production capacity remains sustainable with its continuously growing order volume, InnoLas has opened a further production facility close to its headquarters, adding 400m2 for office space and 1500m2 for manufacturing (doubles its existing production area, since the main building already houses 1500m2 for production as well as a further 1000m2 for offices and laboratories).

“In view of full order books and expansive business developments, this step was merely a logical consequence,” says sales manager Alejandro Becker. “It guarantees that we can continue to process customer enquiries and implement further technological developments fast, flexibly and reliably,” he adds.

Tags: Thin-film PV CIGS CIS

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