3 January 2011

MicroVision and Pioneer to jointly commercialize laser display products

In December, MicroVision Inc of Redmond, WA, USA, which provides ultra-miniature laser display technology, entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Pioneer Corp, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of audio, video and computer equipment for the home, car and business markets, to develop, manufacture and distribute display engines and display engine subsystems for consumer and in-vehicle head-up displays (HUDs) using MicroVision’s PicoP pico-projector laser display technology.

Earlier in 2010, the two firms executed a joint development agreement to develop two critical components of the PicoP display engine: a laser light source module using direct red, blue and green lasers and a separate display engine subsystem based on MicroVision’s patented PicoP laser scanning technology. Both are key pieces of the next-generation PicoP display engine that MicroVision says will offer OEMs commercial advantages in price, size, power and performance for embedded solutions ranging from cell phones and eyewear to airplanes and automobiles.

The MOU establishes the framework of a future manufacturing and commercial distribution agreement for PicoP-based display engines to be used in consumer, after-market and embedded automotive products. Pioneer is targeting commercial introduction of an in-vehicle HUD using PicoP technology into the consumer market in 2012.

“Pioneer has a strong history of bringing cutting-edge technologies to mass markets,” says MicroVision’s president & CEO Alexander Tokman. “By combining our respective market and product development capabilities, and leveraging best practices in manufacturing, MicroVision and Pioneer can accelerate introducing next-generation laser display products while reducing the total cost for both companies in getting there,” he believes.

Both Pioneer and MicroVision were recognized as finalists for last October's CEATEC Innovation Awards for 2010. Pioneer was recognized in the Automotive category for its demonstration of a HUD using laser scanning technology provided by MicroVision, and MicroVision was recognized in the Components category for its SHOWWX laser pico projector, powered by the PicoP display engine.

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