26 January 2011

Oclaro ships 100 millionth VCSEL

Optical component, module and subsystem maker Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA has shipped its 100 millionth vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) chip from its facility in Zurich, Switzerland. The firm says that it was able to achieve this by delivering high reliability and tight process control at the volumes and cost levels demanded by leading optics and electronics manufacturers.

Oclaro is now expanding this proven manufacturing capability into other high-volume applications for diode lasers, such as optical interconnects, optical illumination and other emerging consumer applications. The firm's VCSEL team has been commercializing VCSELs for demanding industrial and consumer applications, accumulating expertise in all aspects of VCSEL design and manufacturing.

“The ability to scale to high volume reliably and cost-effectively is a strength that Oclaro perfected in the telecom space and is now leveraging in emerging high-volume markets,” says executive VP & division manager Yves Le Maitre. “Oclaro’s unique expertise and manufacturing capability is driving the adoption of lasers into adjacent and diverse photonics markets,” he adds. “As a result, Oclaro diode lasers are now being incorporated into a wide range of products being used by home consumers across the globe.”

Oclaro VCSELs are currently powering high-volume consumer electronics devices such as computer mice and finger navigation engines for mobile devices. In addition, VCSEL-based optical cables are emerging as a replacement for existing electrical cable technology in mainstream computing devices because electrical solutions are approaching their practical limits for speed and length, whereas VCSEL-based optical interconnects do not have the same limitations.

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