26 July 2011

Opto market to reach $22.5bn in 2011

Optoelectronics still comprises the fastest-growing individual semiconductor product segment and, as a result, is being entering many new end-markets, comments market research firm Databeans Inc in its report ‘2011 Optoelectronics’. In particular, the mounting need for energy efficiency across the entire semiconductor industry has led to new developments and applications for LEDs, image sensors, and other optoelectronics.

Databeans expects that optoelectronics will remain the fifth largest semiconductor market by global sales (behind memory, logic, analog and microprocessors) with $22.5bn in projected 2011 revenue. Sales and unit shipments are expected to take off, starting in 2011 as demand grows for LEDs and organic LEDs (OLEDs) in new products ranging from new TV displays to general lighting applications. Over the forecasted period (2011–2016), optoelectronics will experience the industry's highest average sales growth of 14% annually, at which time it will account for 8% of the total semiconductor industry.

LEDs (including OLEDs, high-brightness white LEDs, and others) will remain the largest and fastest-growing individual product within the optoelectronics market, with global sales reaching $8.4bn, reckons Databeans. Over the next five years, sales of LEDs will continue to grow at an average rate of 18% annually, more than doubling to $23.3bn by 2016. Market leaders in 2011 generally include dedicated LED suppliers such as BetaLED, Cree, Lighting Science Group, and Philips.

The other major product in the optoelectronics segment, image sensors, will reach $7.4bn in 2011, reckons Databeans. This growth is due primarily to CMOS sensor technology, which lends itself to the development of low-cost, high-volume camera phones, the firm adds.

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