13 July 2011

Emcore’s new CPV module receives certification to IEC-62108 and listing to UL-SUB-8703

Emcore Corp of Albuquerque, NM, USA, which makes compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber-optic and solar power markets, has announced the completion of third-party testing, certification and listing to IEC-62108 and UL-SUB-8703 for its G3-1090X concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) module.

Emcore says that the test results confirm that the G3-1090X fully satisfies the product safety, performance and reliability criteria for entry into the US and European markets. The firm worked with Intertek Testing Services to obtain the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory) and CEC (California Energy Commission) listings for the G3-1090X module.

The G3-1090X module, which operates with a geometric optical concentration ratio of 1090x, was found to meet or exceed the safety and performance requirements of the internationally accepted IEC-62108 standard, and the US product safety requirement UL-SUB-8703. Demonstrating compliance with these standards through testing and evaluations by Intertek make the module eligible to bear the ETLUS mark (recognized in the USA) and the ETLEU mark (recognized in the European Union). CEC listing of the module qualifies it for performance-based incentives in the California Solar Initiative rebate program. In addition, the module will bear the CE Mark to indicate compliance with all applicable EU directives, regulations and standards.

Emcore says that the G3-1090X CPV module is among the first to fully comply with all sections of both IEC-62108 and UL-SUB-8703. “The successful certification and listing of our latest CPV module demonstrates our product will meet the rigors and performance requirements of utility-scale solar deployments,” says chief operating officer Christopher Larocca. “This achievement, combined with the establishment of our low-cost manufacturing joint venture, Suncore, positions Emcore to supply the most competitive high-performance, CPV systems in the industry,” he claims.

The IEC-62108 standard specifies safety and performance requirements for CPV modules and assemblies suitable for long-term operation in outdoor environments. The objective of this test standard is to determine the electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of CPV modules and assemblies with regard to the product’s ability to withstand prolonged exposure in climates where the product is expected to be deployed. UL-SUB-8703 incorporates all of the tests in the IEC-62108 standard, plus evaluations of grounding schemes, fire resistance, robustness to corrosion, electrical ratings of select parts and materials, and other safety-related aspects of product design and construction not covered by IEC-62108.

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