23 July 2011

Lumex adds 355, 365 and 377nm UV LEDs to QuasarBrite family

Lumex of Palatine, IL, USA has announced the global expansion of its QuasarBrite UV family of LEDs to include three new standard wavelengths as well as the availability of custom UV LED arrays. The firm claims that QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide up to 10 times longer lifespan, up to 50% cost savings , up to 70% energy consumption savings,  and superior light performance compared to alternative technologies.

The RoHs-compliant QuasarBrite UV LEDs are now available in standard 355nm, 365nm and 377nm wavelengths in a through-hole format. They are suited to a wide range of applications including:

  • security (counterfeit detection for currency, passports and other travel documents);
  • forensic (applications related to forensic analysis of bodily fluids);
  • photo catalyst (for air and water purifier applications in homes, offices and automobiles).

“Previously, widespread use of UV LED technology, especially in the shorter UV wavelengths, was hindered because the materials used in the epoxy LED lens degraded the lifespan of UV LEDs to less than 5000 hours,” says product technology manager Kay Fernandez. “Recent technological developments have allowed the epoxy lenses to be replaced by a robust TO-46 package with a glass lens, making it possible for QuasarBrite UVs to last 10 times longer — with life spans of over than 50,000 hours,” she adds.

Lumex says that QuasarBrite UV LEDs also provide several benefits compared to alternative technologies like CCFLs (cold-cathode fluorescent lamps), including a uniform beam pattern. To match this performance, CCFLs would require a secondary lens, resulting in additional cost and space investment. Additionally, QuasarBrite UV LEDs do not use the hazardous material mercury that is found in CCFL technology. They are also more durable in their design, reducing maintenance costs. Finally, the UV LEDs have up to 70% lower energy consumption than CCFLs. Combined, these factors allow QuasarBrite UV LEDs to provide cost savings of up to a 50% compared with CCFLs, the firm claims.

“Because of significant cost and performance benefits UV LEDs provide over alternative technologies such as CCFLs, there is a dramatic growth in demand for UV LED technology,” says Fernandez. “Lumex now offers a total of six standard UV wavelengths (355, 365, 377, 385, 405 and 415nm) as well as an almost limitless number of custom options to meet the needs of this growing market.”

The new 355, 365 and 377nm QuasarBrite UV LEDs feature a 80° viewing angle and operating temperature range of –40°C to +100°C. Standard and custom production lead times are 18–20 weeks.  Pricing is $20–28 per unit in production quantities, dependent on size and quantity ordered.

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