29 July 2011

Optical chip and module makers launch XLMD2 MSA   

Mitsubishi Electric Corp, OKI Semiconductor Co Ltd, Opnext Inc, Renesas Electronics Corp and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd have announced a transmitter optical sub-assembly (TOSA) and receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA) multi-source agreement (MSA) targeting 40Gbps pluggable transceiver modules. The initiative was established to meet the increased demand for pluggable 40Gbps serial modules such as the CFP pluggable transceiver MSA for 100Gbps and 40Gbps applications.

The transmission speed of 40Gbps is the highest commercially available modulation speed using the simple light on/off keying or serial transmission scheme. 300-pin MSA transceivers using 1550nm light source devices are widely available for the 2km application. Recently, 40Gbps serial transmission over 10km was demonstrated using 1310nm light source devices.

In addition to ITU-T 40Gbps serial transmission standards (VSR2000-3R2 for 2km and P1I1-3D1 for 10km), the IEEE has recently defined a 40Gbps serial interface for 2km (40GBASE-FR). The demand for 40Gbps serial transmissions is growing in telecom, data and IP communication applications.

In today’s 300-pin MSA transceiver module market, XLMD MSA TOSAs and ROSAs are widely adopted for use in the 40Gbps transceivers. Following the release of the CFP MSA, 40Gbps pluggable transceiver modules are now required to offer easy handling and maintenance. New low-profile, compact TOSAs and ROSAs are essential components for future downsized pluggable transceiver modules.

The new TOSA/ROSA MSA defines both the laser transmitter devices and the PIN photodiode–trans-impedance amplifier (PIN-TIA) receiver devices that comply with 40Gbps interface standards. The MSA targets transmission modules for more than 10km applications.

In an upcoming MSA meeting, the member companies will specify the common mechanical dimensions; footprint (interface with common PCB design for 40Gbps transceiver modules); pin assignment and functions; and electrical and optical performance characteristics of the optical transmitter and receiver devices. The TOSA/ROSA MSA specifies key features including a low-profile and compact fit for pluggable modules and simple electrical interfaces providing cost-effective solutions. The MSA committee plans to release the specifications within one year.

“The TOSA/ROSA agreement will leverage the 40Gbps market to achieve compact, low-power-consumption pluggable modules, which will provide advanced 40Gbps serial solutions to high-capacity network and storage systems,” says an MSA committee spokesperson. In the future, the MSA will continue to define specifications that consider future advanced technologies, such as 1310nm light source devices and direct modulation lasers.

For further information including detailed specification documents or to join the MSA, e-mail: XLMDMSA@ns.MitsubishiElectric.co.jp; okisemi-xlmd2msa@adm.okisemi.com; xlmdmsa@opnext.com; csd_40gmsa@lm.renesas.com; or XLMD2MSA@ppd.sei.co.jp.

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