2 July 2011

TriQuint launches 10–12GHz, 2W linear amplifier

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc of Hillsboro, OR, USA, which provides RF front-end product maker and foundry services to mobile device, has launched the TGA2535-SM, a high-linearity power amplifier designed using the firm’s GaAs power pHEMT production process to operate at 10–12GHz.

The TGA2535-SM typically provides 43dBm of OIP3 (output third-order intercept point) at 20dBm Pout/Tone, 25dB of small-signal gain, 33dBm of P1dB (output power at 1dB gain compression), and saturated power of 34.5dBm at a quiescent bias condition of 6V and 1300mA. The input and output of the amplifier are matched to 50 ohms with a typical return loss of 15dB.

Available in a low-cost, surface-mount 24-lead 5mm x 5mm QFN package, the amplifier is best suited to 10GHz and 11GHz Point-to-Point radio applications and X-band communications, and is pin compatible with the TGA2533-SM (12.7–15.4GHz) amplifier.

Evaluation Boards are available upon request.

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Visit: www.triquint.com

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