21 June 2011

AquaLite adds Aixtron CRIUS II MOCVD reactor to meet power LED chip demand

Deposition equipment maker Aixtron SE of Herzogenrath, Germany says that in first-quarter 2011 it received an order from existing customer and power LED chip maker AquaLite Co Ltd of China for a CRIUS II metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactor (in 55x2”-wafer configuration), which will be dedicated to the growth of materials for high-brightness LEDs and high-voltage (HV) LED production.

The local Aixtron support team will install and commission the new reactor in second-quarter 2011 at the dedicated AquaLite power chip LED facility within its mainland China production plant.

“As the main supplier of power chip devices in China, we have an unequalled understanding of the challenges of volume production of HB LED structures and HV LEDs,” claims AquaLite’s CEO James Dong. “We therefore require the reactor with the best process economics, user control and uptime, which are all strong features of the CRIUS II reactor,” he adds. “Our thorough familiarity with the CRIUS systems and the easy process transfer to the CRIUS II mean there will be few if any problems ahead, so the new system will quickly become a major asset.”  

AquaLite is seeing stronger demand for power LED chips, and is looking to the CRIUS II's higher throughput to boost capacity, Dong continues. “Last November, we acquired six CRIUS 31x2-inch configuration systems for high-power LED production, so I am confident that the new reactor will also be a very worthwhile new addition when it comes onstream.”

AquaLite’s LED chips have reached luminous efficiency of more than 100lm/W, and are widely used in street lighting, lighting bars, light bulbs, and LED back-lighting units (BLUs).

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