14 June 2011

Integra debuts broadband RF devices for military communications 

At last week’s IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2011) in Baltimore, MD (5–10 June), Integra Technologies Inc (ITI) of El Segundo, CA, USA, which supplies high-power pulsed RF transistors, announced the development of several new gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC) devices characterized for broadband applications ranging from 30–512MHz to 100–1000MHz for the military communications market.

The new technology allows Integra to penetrate new markets involving continuous-wave (CW) applications such as electronic warfare (EW) for the defense industry, says founder & president John Titizian. “GaN technology inherently is broadbandable with the inherent low parasitic capacitance,” he adds. “The GaN technology development effort is a direct result of customer requests for smaller, more efficient power devices with broadband performance.”

For commercial C-band radar applications including weather radar, the IGN12UM21A1, IGN25UM21A1 and IGN50UM21A1 devices provide a range of output power from 12W, 25W and 50W. The unmatched devices provide more than 15dB of gain and 55% efficiency. The devices are housed in a small single-ended ceramic flanged package providing excellent thermal advantages.

For commercial broadband communications applications including EW jammers, the unmatched IGN24UM22D1, IGN50UM22D1, IGN100UM22D1 and IGN200UM22D1 devices provide a range of output power from 25W to over 200W in a dual-lead push–pull configuration ceramic package. In addition, the unmatched IGN25UM72A1, IGN50UM72A1, IGN100UM72A1 and IGN200UM72A1 devices provide a range of output power from 25W to over 200W in a low-parasitic wide-lead ceramic package.

All the new devices are available for sampling now.

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