13 June 2011

Samsung LED counter-sues Osram in Korea

Samsung LED Co Ltd (the LED-making venture of Samsung Electronics) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Osram Korea Co Ltd and two Korean sales agents (Barun Electronics and Dabo Industrial System) at the Seoul Central District Court requesting an injunction from unauthorized use of Samsung LED’s intellectual property as well as monetary damages.

The eight patents-in-suit relate to LED chip and packaging technology used in LED light lenses and high-power applications (which have found widespread use in LED headlights and LED lightings).

The lawsuit is a response to Osram GmbH of Munich, Germany (part of the Industry Sector of Siemens, and one of the world's two leading light manufacturers) on 6 June initiating lawsuits against both Samsung and fellow Korean LED maker LG in both Germany and the USA (in the District Court of Delaware and at the US International Trade Commission). Osram claims that Samsung and LG group companies infringe its fundamental patent rights on white and surface-mountable LEDs. The LED technologies protected by Osram patents relate to the electrical and thermal connection structure as well as to conversion technology, which is used to convert the blue light of the LED chip into white light.

The firm aims to prevent unauthorized use of its technology and seeks orders from the courts to prevent Samsung and LG from importing and selling infringing LEDs and products containing these LEDs, such as LED-backlit TV sets and computer monitors. In addition, Osram is applying for compensation.

Samsung LED says that it has made considerable investments to develop LED technology, resulting in about 700 US patents and patent applications and about 2000 Korean patents and patent applications.

“We are developing evidence to show that Samsung LED is not infringing any valid claim of Osram’s patents, as well as evidence of Osram’s unauthorized use of our patents,” says Jun Sung Park, VP & head of the IP and Legal Affairs Team at Samsung LED. “We are evaluating every contingency and will vigorously defend our technology,” he adds.

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