8 June 2011

CIGS PV maker Solyndra launches mount system for commercial metal roof market

Solyndra LLC of Fremont, CA, USA, which makes cylindrical copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) photovoltaic (PV) systems consisting of panels and mounting hardware for large commercial rooftops, has launched the Solyndra 200 Series Metal Roof Solution.

What is claimed to be a unique non-penetrating adjustable mounting system is designed to meet the additional solar installation challenges posed by metal roofs, which make up a significant and growing portion of the large, low-sloped, commercial, industrial and agricultural rooftop markets.

“Customers with metal roofs have been excited about the benefits of using our lightweight, non-ballasted and non-penetrating design on metal roofs, but have been in need of a flexible mounting solution to address the wide variety of roof types in the market,” says president & CEO Brian Harrison. “Adapted from our proven 200 Series mounting system, the new metal roof mounts require no tools in the assembly process and are adjustable to meet the majority of low-slope metal roof configurations supplied by the industry’s leading metal roof manufacturers,” he adds.

The adjustable mount design has no attachments and uses no tools, allowing Solyndra 200 Series panels to be installed faster than any other standing seam solution on the market, it is claimed. The mounts are currently available and to date have been installed and tested on metal roofs by ASC Building Products, Bemo USA, Kalzip, Kingston and Gibraltar.

Solyndra says that its 200 Series products are suited to metal roofs. The low, 2.8lbs per square foot distributed load allows simple installation without ballast or penetrations in winds up to 130mph when installed in accordance with Solyndra’s installation guidelines. Attaching conventional racking to metal roofs often damages the metal roof and could compromise its integrity. Although not required, in order to maximize power from the cylindrical solar modules, roof owners can choose white or reflective ‘cool roofs’, which conserve energy and reduce ambient heating caused by rooftops while generating more power. Metal roofs are often employed on temporary or re-locatable buildings, and Solyndra says that ease of installation and simple relocation makes the panels a good solution where there is possibility of relocation.

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