2 March 2011

CyOptics launches compact PM-QPSK receivers for 40 and 100Gbps coherent systems

Indium phosphide-based optical chip and component maker CyOptics Inc of Lehigh Valley, PA, USA has announced the availability of 40Gbps and 100Gbps polarization-multiplexed quadrature phase-shift-keying (PM-QPSK) integrated coherent receivers for 40G and 100G coherent DWDM transmission systems. The optical receivers expand the firm’s growing portfolio of component solutions leveraging monolithic and hybrid photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

The RX-PMQPSK-40 and RX-PMQPSK-100 coherent receivers integrate two matched 90° optical hybrids, four high-speed balanced detector pairs, and four differential linear TIAs with manual and automatic gain control. The very compact surface-mount package (40mm long and less than 7mm high) also integrates the polarization splitters for signal and local oscillator.

The receivers make use of CyOptics’ portfolio of high-speed InP-based balanced photo-detectors (PDs) and silica planar lightguide circuit (PLC) device technology for the 90° hybrid mixers. They also leverage the firm’s automated precision-robotic integration platform for mounting the balanced PDs directly onto the PLC chip to provide a highly integrated optical sub-assembly with high performance in a very small footprint. The receivers adhere to the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Implementation Agreement.

“Our new 40G and 100G coherent Receivers address the needs for very compact component solutions of transponder and line-card manufacturers alike,” says Stefan Rochus, VP of marketing & business development. “CyOptics is uniquely positioned to combine all of the critical InP and PLC device technologies, together with our automated high-precision manufacturing platform, to deliver a high-performance and low-cost coherent receiver solution,” he claims.

CyOptics is ramping production for both the 40G and 100G receivers now, for general availability in June.

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