5 May 2011

Accel-RF launches flexible fixture options for RF measurement

Accel-RF Corp of San Diego, CA, USA, which produces turn-key RF reliability testing systems for compound semiconductor devices, has announced the availability of a Stand-Alone Reconfigurable Generic RF Fixture for characterization and measurement of RF devices.

“With one of Accel-RF’s SMART Fixtures, testing of over 15 commercially available package types can be accomplished in the same fixture,” says president & founder Roland Shaw. “This provides our customers with ultimate flexibility for characterizing RF devices with a consistent interface and RF/microwave platform,” he adds. The Accel-RF SMART Fixture includes heater, heater-controller, bias-pulsing and RF-pulsing control, and cool-zones for input and output RF/bias boards. The custom adapter-plate design can accommodate multi-pin or two-pin device package types typically used for discrete transistor or MMIC device testing.

“The fixture provides all DC bias and RF transmission integrity for these various requirements with a common interface,” says Shaw. “As part of our commitment to the reliability community and the RF test industry in general, we are continuing to add more package types each quarter,” he adds. “A consistent, clean fixture design, with excellent RF performance for the myriad of package types being used for the wireless industry, is not only more efficient, but saves considerable human and financial resources.”

Accel-RF SMART ‘Flexible’ Fixtures are already shipping to customers, and are available in single quantities with quantity price breaks.

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