12 May 2011

Transphorm orders Aixtron 6-inch GaN-on-Si MOCVD system

Deposition equipment maker Aixtron SE of Herzogenrath, Germany has received an order for an AIX 2800G4 HT metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system in 6x6”-wafer configuration from US start-up firm Transphorm Inc, which was spun off from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2007.

The reactor will be used to ramp up Transphorm’s production capabilities of gallium nitride (GaN) devices for highly efficient and compact power conversion solutions by rapidly transferring its GaN-on-silicon material growth technology to large-scale production. The system has been installed and commissioned at Transphorm’s headquarters in Goleta, CA, USA by Aixtron's local support team.

“Aixtron’s reputation is second to none and we look forward to continuing our excellent working partnership as we develop materials for new applications and expand our capacity,” says Transphorm’s president Primit Parikh. “The system we have selected meets all our needs... An impressive feature is the scaled multiwafer platform that will give us forward process compatibility as well as enable a straightforward capacity upgrade when we need to further expand. With it, we will be able to use multiwafer large-area 6-inch GaN-on-silicon technology in our proprietary GaN devices,” he adds.

“We chose Aixtron as our partner due to its advanced equipment having the capabilities and performance essential for a complex project such as ours,” Parikh continues. “They also provided highly experienced, committed support engineers to work closely with our US team, ensuring a smooth installation and commissioning.”

Transphorm’s aim is to redefine electric power conversion through III-nitride materials and devices, providing cost-competitive and easy-to-embed power conversion modules that reduce costly energy loss by up to 90%. These can help to simplify the design and manufacturing of motor drives, power supplies and inverters for solar panels and electric vehicles. From material technology and device fabrication to circuit design and module assembly, Transphorm designs and delivers power conversion devices and modules, helping users to scale quickly. By creating an ecosystem of electrical systems manufacturers powered by Transphorm, the firm aims to accelerate the adoption of application-specific power modules and pave the way for the next generation of electrical systems designed for optimal efficiency.

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