5 May 2011

Anadigics launches HELP3DC CDMA/WCDMA/LTE PA series optimized for SMPS

RF and mixed-signal semiconductor maker Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has launched a new series of power amplifiers (PAs) leveraging its third-generation High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power (HELP) technology.

Provided in a 3mm x 3mm x 1mm package with integrated RF coupler, internal voltage regulation, integrated DC blocks on RF ports, the new HELP3DC AWT663x series PAs are optimized for CDMA, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE devices that include a switched-mode power supply (SMPS), DC/DC converter, or envelope tracking IC to control the PA supply voltage. Anadigics claims that, in this kind of design, HELP3DC PAs provide average current consumption that helps to extend battery life in handsets, smart-phones, tablets, netbooks, and notebooks.

SMPS and DC/DC converters allow handset designers to reduce the PA supply voltage, decreasing average current consumption under selected conditions. HELP3DC PAs have two power mode states for high efficiency across both low and high RF output power levels from a fixed supply using a single mode control input. The PAs also provide low quiescent currents (less than 8mA at 3.4V).

Anadigics says that using a HELP3DC series PA in combination with an external DC/DC converter gives designers additional options to reduce battery current consumption in both high-power and low-power modes. Envelope tracking designs modulate the PA supply voltage to match the demands of the input RF signal.

The AWT663x series consists of the following products:

- AWT6631 for UMTS band 1 (1880–1980MHz) and TD-SCDMA (2010–2025MHz);
- AWT6632 for UMTS band 2, CDMA BC 1, 14 (1850–1915MHz);
- AWT6634 for UMTS bands 3, 4, 9 & 10 (1710–1785MHz);
- AWT6635 for UMTS bands 5 & 6, CDMA BC 0,10 (815–849MHz); and
- AWT6638 for UMTS band 8 (880–915MHz).

Samples of the HELP3DC PAs are available now. Evaluation kits are available upon request.

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