6 May 2011

Samsung and quantum dot firm Evident enter LED patent agreement

Evident Technologies Inc of Troy, NY, USA and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea have entered into a comprehensive patent licensing and purchasing agreement for Evident’s quantum dot LED technology. The agreement grants Samsung worldwide access to Evident's patent portfolio for all products related to quantum dot LEDs, from manufacture of the quantum dot nanomaterials to final LED production.

“We already enjoy a terrific working relationship and look forward to the future of this technology,” comments Evident’s CEO Dr Clint Ballinger.

Evident says that, as nanometer-sized semiconductor crystals, quantum dots have great commercial promise in electronic applications from solar energy conversion to thermoelectrics to LEDs. Evident claims to be the first firm to commercialize quantum dot LEDs, with products launched in 2007.

Evident is currently focused on developing next-generation thermoelectric applications using their core quantum dot material technology. “Our goal is to greatly increase the performance of thermoelectric devices through our nano-material advances,” says Ballinger. Thermoelectric devices can be used for solid-state heating and cooling as well as for converting waste heat into electricity directly.

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