17 May 2011

Lumileds’ LUXEON A LED moves Into volume production

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA says that its LUXEON A LED, launched in April, has moved into volume production and has been submitted for an Innovation Award at this week’s Lightfair International event (LFI 2011) in Philadelphia, PA, USA (17–19 May).

Lumileds says that the LUXEON A is its second hot-tested and specified LUXEON LED launched this year that also delivers on the promise of Freedom From Binning. The firm has committed to delivering illumination-grade LEDs to the industry in a concerted effort to simplify and speed development of new lighting solutions and to deliver the highest quality of light for each application. Advanced manufacturing control allows it to accurately target a specific correlated color temperature so that each LUXEON A LED falls within one 3-step MacAdam ellipse space at actual operating conditions.

“Key to increased adoption of LEDs are ease-of-use and confidence in the quality of light,” says Steve Barlow, senior VP of sales & marketing. “Lumileds is simplifying and accelerating the design process with hot testing and Freedom From Binning. More importantly, with LUXEON A we are proving that consistent quality of light from LED to LED is something that both the luminaire manufacturer and lighting design community can count on,” he adds.

LUXEON A is featured at the firm’s Lightfair booth in a linear profile intended to demonstrate the consistency and quality of the emitted light. The LED is in full volume production and is available from Future Lighting Solutions.

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