31 May 2011

Philips unveils first LED replacement for 75W light bulb

At the recent LIGHTFAIR International tradeshow (LFI 2011) in Philadelphia, PA, USA (17–19 May), Netherlands-based electronics firm Philips unveiled its EnduraLED A21 17W light bulb, designed to replace a 75W incandescent bulb while reducing energy consumption by 80% and lasting 25 times longer.

“Consumers do not have to wait for quality alternatives to the incandescent or to sacrifice the soft white light they have become accustomed to because LED can deliver all the benefits without compromising quality,” says Ed Crawford, general manager of Lamps for Philips Lighting North America.

The EnduraLED A21 17W is the latest addition to Philips’ portfolio of LED bulbs that can efficiently replace traditional incandescents. These include 25W and 40W equivalents, as well as the ENERGY STAR-qualified Philips EnduraLED 12.5W bulb (the first commercially available 60W replacement).

The EnduraLED A21 17W, which uses LUXEON LEDs made by LED-making subsidiary Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA, has also been developed to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications for an LED-based replacement for the 75W incandescent light bulb. Those specifications call for delivering 1100 lumens with just 17W of electricity, a color temperature of 2700K, a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, and a rated life of 25,000 hours. The new bulb will be submitted to ENERGY STAR in the coming months for qualification testing.

Philips estimates that about 90 million 75W incandescent light bulbs are sold annually in the USA. The firm reckons that switching to this LED replacement has the potential to reduce electricity use by 5220MW, a cost savings of about $630m annually. According to Philips estimates, switching to the EnduraLED 21 17W could also eliminate 3,255,205 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually (the equivalent of removing nearly 1 million cars from the road).

As with all bulbs in the Philips LED lighting family, the new EnduraLED A21 17W has a rated life of 25 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. Over its lifespan, it could save a business or household about $160 per bulb, reckons Philips.

Available in fourth-quarter 2011 in the USA, the suggested retail price for consumers has not yet been finalized but is expected to be $40–45.

Philips says that, with this latest addition to its portfolio, consumers and businesses have more choices for reducing energy costs over the traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition to offering familiar soft white light, the EnduraLED A21 17W fits into existing fixtures and works with standard dimmers, providing a simple, long-lasting solution for the home. For those within the retail or hospitality sector, the bulb can provide a substantial return on investment through extended bulb life and reduced energy and maintenance costs, Philips claims.

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