25 May 2011

Luminus launches 100lm/W white HB-LED for general lighting up to 1600lm

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which manufactures PhlatLight (photonic lattice) LEDs for illumination applications, has launched the SSM-80 LED, a high-efficacy and high-brightness warm-white LED for general lighting (available for sampling now, with volume shipments starting in late summer).

Picture: SSM-80 LED.

The product is designed for indoor directional and spot lighting applications and will have an initial release in warm-white color points of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, at which it can achieve up to 100 lumens per Watt at 350mA and more than 1600 lumens at its top end rated drive condition.

“In a direct response to the demands of our general lighting customers and a rapidly growing market, the SSM-80 combines high lumens and high efficacy in a small emitting area, which enables tight beam control and provides new degrees of creativity and innovation for spot lighting applications,” says Chuck DeMilo, global director of product marketing for Luminus’ Lighting Business Group. “It enables lighting fixture designers to achieve light intensity levels for applications such as retail track that approach the levels of ceramic metal halide,” he adds.

The SSM-80 is tested and binned at a nominal input drive condition of 1A and 12V, which makes it electrically compatible with a wide array of commercially available off-the-shelf drivers and ballasts. Other features include a thermal resistance of less than 1.0°C/W and an L70 lifetime greater than 60,000 hours.

The new LED is suited to applications including spot lighting, narrow beam down lights and focused general lighting applications where high performance and high efficacy in a standard surface-mount package are needed.

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