25 May 2011

Odersun publishes online configuration software for solar modules

Odersun AG of Berlin, Germany, which makes flexible thin-film solar modules for building-integrated photovoltaics (BiPV) using proprietary CISCuT (copper indium disulfide on copper tape) reel-to-reel manufacturing technology, has published a software tool for designing individually fitted solar modules.

The ‘Solarmodule-Designer’ configuration software addresses architects and planners in search of customizable photovoltaic elements, enabling the user to create solar modules optimized for individual building projects and systems. Size, form, appearance as well as build-up and materials can be modified in detail to fit applications such as solar-integrated roofs and façades. Despite its unique diversity of adjustable parameters, the tool is intuitive and easy to use, claims Odersun.

“The customized manufacturing of solar modules still is, after all, a new and often extremely technical area,” says chief sales & marketing officer Uwe Hering. “This configuration software was purpose-built to allow users to experience the unique capabilities of Odersun’s customized products in an easy, appealing and yet technically accurate way,” he adds.

A special feature is the export function with its detailed PDF summary of the parameters chosen and an additional CAD version of the user’s individually designed solar module for download. Solarmodule-Designer is free of charge and can be accessed online via www.solarmodule-designer.odersun.com.

The respective App for the iPad 2 will follow within a short time. Visitors at the Intersolar Europe 2011 trade show in Munich, Germany (8–10 June) will have the opportunity to test the software using a touch screen table. The application was developed by Plural | Kilian Krug, Markus Lerner (Berlin).

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